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Sourcing the very best coffee in the world is our passion. With an unparalleled focus on craft, quality and relationships, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact in our coffee communities from Farmlevel to Streetlevel.


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Street Level Street Level
Verve Street Level from $18.75
ALL PURPOSE BLEND THE ORIGINAL Our flagship blend, Streetlevel, is built for balance and approachability and is delicious with any brew method, including espresso. Streetlevel's profile of Guatemalan, Colombian and Honduran coffees serve to anchor the blend and impart a complex sweetness, with notes of honeyed citrus and red apple. If we made a greatest hits tape, this would be the first track.
Madrid Family Single Origin Espresso Madrid Family Single Origin Espresso
Verve Madrid Family Single Origin Espresso from $20.25
BEHIND THE CUP It's more than likely there are multiple bags of coffee somewhat open on your counter at any given time. It can be challenging to figure out which to brew. This coffee has a wide variety of brew methods and is honestly easy to sip when you’re not ready to make decisions just yet. Balanced with sweet summer citrus, this coffee can fit all of your needs.
Jibicho Jibicho Single Origin Espresso Jibicho Jibicho Single Origin Espresso
Verve Jibicho Jibicho Single Origin Espresso from $18.25 $20.25
BEHIND THE CUP Another powerhouse coffee from Ethiopia, we recommend this for fans of Worka. Coming from a similar region, Bedhatu Jibicho is sure to be a favorite. Fruit forward sweetness is the first thing that hits your palette. Juicy and light melon pairs with deeper notes of strawberry. Both balanced with a dense nougat-like flavor that lingers while you keep sipping through your morning.
The 1950 The 1950
Verve The 1950 from $19.50
MADE FOR THE MODERN EXPLORER Our best-selling coffee blend is made of seasonally rotating components selected for their dense, candy-like sweetness, and complex spice profile. The 1950 performs in both pour over and espresso brew methods, with or without the accompaniment of milk. Anyone who enjoys washed Ethiopian coffee will love this.

Flavoured Instant Coffee - Set of 6

In our humble opinion, this is the best flavoured instant coffee in town. Made using high-quality, smooth Arabica beans, Little’s coffee is vegan friendly, four calories a cup and sugar free with nothing artificial in it whatsoever. Plus, it comes in fully recyclable, plastic-free jars. Winner!


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Swiss Chocolate
WeAreLittles Swiss Chocolate $3.50
Flavoured Instant Coffee Super high-quality Arabica coffee infused with natural Swiss chocolate extract. So, what exactly is Swiss chocolate? Well, Swiss chocolate is chocolate made in Switzerland, obviously. We use a high-quality dark chocolate extract in the style of one of Switzerland’s most famous chocolate brands (hint, rhymes with flint!). INGREDIENTS: Freeze-dried Arabica coffee, flavourings.
Rich Hazelnut
WeAreLittles Rich Hazelnut $3.50
Flavoured Instant Coffee Super high-quality Arabica coffee infused with the nutty taste of lightly toasted hazelnut. This is one of the very first flavoured coffees Henry and Leila tasted in California, inspiring them to start making flavoured coffee themselves. Have you tried our Decaf Rich Hazelnut flavoured coffee? INGREDIENTS: Freeze-dried Arabica coffee, flavourings. No allergens – suitable for those with nut allergies
Maple Walnut
WeAreLittles Maple Walnut $3.50
Flavoured Instant Coffee Super high quality Arabica coffee infused with the naturally sweet and comforting flavour of maple and walnut. When Henry was growing up in America, maple walnut pie was a Little family favourite, so we wanted to pay homage to this New England classic. This coffee is delicious with a little touch of sugar to bring out the natural maple sweetness.  INGREDIENTS: Freeze-dried Arabica coffee, flavourings
Island Coconut
WeAreLittles Island Coconut $3.50
Flavoured Instant Coffee Super high-quality Arabica coffee infused with natural coconut flavour. This flavour has us daydreaming about sunny skies and swaying palms of the tropics. The subtle hint of coconut adds a tropical twist to our smooth coffee, which will have you on island time in no time. Have you tried our Decaf Island Coconut flavoured coffee? INGREDIENTS: Freeze-dried Arabica coffee, flavourings

Little's Flavoured Nepresso Compatible Capsules


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We shine because of the people that we work with. From Farmlevel to Streetlevel, we build relationships based on fairness and equitability to foster an empowering and inclusive work environment.

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